Werbonics to the rescue…

Hey, where are the flashy graphics and aggressive sales pitches?

We’ll let Godaddy and all the cookie-cutter web design agencies handle that. When you wake up from their nightmare service, give us a call and let’s get to work. Here is what we do…

Web Design and Architecture:

Our websites are fast, secure, and mobile optimized. We use the latest in custom responsive design (adapts to all smartphones and tablets automatically). Here is an example of one of our new development projects to show speed, layout, and brand awareness: HERE.  Here is another recent example on shared hosting (a little less speed), an Indie Music project that is growing like wild fire: HERE.  Will your website look the same? Of course not, we adapt the design/layout to the image of the business…and the hosting solution based on budget. Email us for samples of our higher budget projects, OR better yet just show us ANY website that you’d like to model the design after and we can duplicate the style.

Social Media and Branding 101:

When you setup your social media profiles and use them to build your online presence, there are some crucial steps you need to address. If you skip these steps, you can dig yourself a giant hole that you may never get out of.

Arrow10-MediumTraffic Analytics and SEO:

Without analytics to track your web traffic and social growth, you are just floating in space like a fool and playing a giant guessing game. SEO has its own analytics too, and we build the most powerful SEO on the planet inside the back end of your website. We can also offer you a FREE Trial of our favorite software, if you’d like to track and manage SEO yourself! Contact us for more info…

Marketing Strategy and Traffic Building:

We have grown several of our own websites to the Top 5000 at Alexa.com, and one of our websites to the Top 200 in overall world traffic. Though it was a remarkable feat, there is no simple answer on how to get there. We work with YOU to develop your OWN strategy, and help you achieve the same dynamic results. We develop brands to be #1 in their niche/sector…period.

Members, Subscribers, and Leads:

We have built our own newsletters and membership websites with subscribers/members totaling over 8 Million since 2002. These people don’t just show up out of thin air, they are often leads first. There are many ways to build a following, and we know the ones that work.

Content Strategy and Digital Media:

Becoming an aggregator of old news to build traffic is, well, OLD NEWS. We like to focus on more creative original content to better engage your readers/customers through your blog, website, and/or social media channels. You’d be surprised at how easy this can be.

Podcast Production, Sound Mixing, and Editing:

After producing 27 full-length music albums in the past, we have shifted our talents to podcast production. Podcasts are a great example of digital content that can greatly help build your image/brand. We are also blog editors, as properly formatted written content is crucial to SEO. Here is a recent Podcast/Video series we produce that is loads of fun and growing quite well: HERE.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile:

With an estimated 60 – 70% of world web traffic now coming from smartphones and tablets, ALL of our work is conducted with mobile display as the TOP priority.

What are the Werbonics fees?

Nope, that’s not how we operate. You tell us your budget and what you need done, and we let you know if we can make it work. We have done jobs for 3 Figures all the way up to the high 6 Figures. We can also do consult only if you’re just looking for some better direction.

Arrow10-MediumOK, OK, how do we contact you?

DM the founder/president on Twitter: @DavidWerba